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Tuesday, April 17, 2007



There are times when GeeDubya acts Presidential. However, he always chooses the times of tragedy and horror, to show off. And, he's not good at it, either.

Like now, when he decided to grace the campus of Virginia Tech, where a massacre took place yesterday, with his presence, at the memorial service for the victims.

You would think that his presence anywhere reminds one of his incompetence, as well as his absence on the things that really mattered, such as:

  • Hurricane Katrina
  • 9/11
  • Iraq War
  • Walter Reed Hospital.
But, nooooooooo, he has to go and be "Presidential" today, of all days. An alumnus of Virginia Tech couldn't have expressed my sentiments any better than he did in his DKos diary:

I find your desire to attend the memorial service on Virginia Tech to be just another callous and manipulative act. Do these people suffering from an inexplicable tragedy the favor of staying in Washington. You have nothing but empty sentiment to offer. However, to accommodate and protect your monstrous ego, security procedures will destroy the emotional sanctity of the memorial service. You know that, but you cannot resist the temptation to distract people from your failed foreign and domestic policies, not to mention the corruption threatening the survival of your terrible tenure as the president.

You have a history of the cheap political stunts to encourage people to think you are capable of caring about others. Your many visits to the destroyed Gulf Coast are perfect examples. You politicized and gutted FEMA. You were warned Katrina was a serious threat, but did nothing. You visited devastated areas time and again, but your administration accomplished little to clean up the mess. The least fortune and most vulnerable suffered the most from Katrina. Your words and sympathy did not translate into action.

You now want to pretend to grieve the loss of young lives. Before you bring your security circus to my alma mater, please explain your failure to attend the funerals of the 3300 young men and women killed in Iraq and 380 killed in Afghanistan.

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