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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

WARNING - If Roemer is the next DNC Chair, True Democrats will turn Green

My fellow bloggers over at Daily Kos are threatening to turn "Green" (as in defect to the Green Party) if Roemer gets to be the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee. That means the money of the would-be Green Party members is going with them, and the Democrats will truly become a minority party in more ways than the DLC has already facilitated.

While I can't see myself turning "Green" I can definately see myself leaving the party and renaming this blog something else to express my lament, frustration and anger with elected officials and the political situation emanting from Washington, DC on a nearly hourly basis.

HOWARD DEAN FOR DNC CHAIR! - If he couldn't get the White House, thanks to DLC members, the least you can do is give him the Chairman's job...


Blogger Ernest T Spoon said...

I too made some caustic comments concering Tim Roemer on my blog,

I'm up too my eyeballs in DLC appeasers.

When you have time take a look.


6:06 AM  

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