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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


No, a DINO is not that pet dinosaur of Fred Flintstone's; a DINO is an acronym for Democrat In Name Only. In other words, probably a member of the Democratic Leadership Council, which has a nickname, too: REPUBLICAN-Lite.

A DINO is a party official who acts anything but, as evidenced by the votes of two of the Senate's newest members, Barack Obama and Ken Salazar, when they voted to confirm Condosleezza Rice as Secretary of State. Now, I understand that Ken Salazar is going to give the nod to the Torturer in Chief, Alberto Gonzales, as Attorney General. WTF?

This guy is worse than John Ashcroft, and I never thought I would be even thinking that, let alone saying it. Even the normal, ready-for-prime-time-on-Fox News elected Senators, like Lieberman and Feinstein, are saying "No" to this SOB! He can't even get backing from the Mexican Defense Legal Council, and as of this post, 44 Senators, and maybe a couple of Republican defectors (Lincoln Chaffee, anyone?) are leaning against sanctioning torture...I also understand from some bloggers at Daily Kos that Salazar is thinking about defecting to the Republican Party - he only ran as a Democrat to beat Pete Coors. Right now, the beer guy is looking as good as a cold one in 90-degree weather at an Oakland A's game...since Coloradians are beginning to believe they've been had! The Recall theme song is beginning to play a few bars...

Sen. Salazar says he's voting yes, because he and Gonzales are old friends. Anyone who's friends with Bush's anal orifices (such as Gonzales) needs to be voted out of office when their term is up. 'Nuff said.


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