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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Senate "Hit" List - Part Deux

Thanks to publications like the Guardian, we now know who were the 32 Democrats that voted to confirm Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State:

Continuing from my list (I think I may have to amend because of Evan Bayh's alleged vote):

Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas) known DLC member and is in a "new" faction that's the spawn of the DLC itself

Mark Pryor (Arkansas) Is Bill Clinton the only Arkansian with an individual thought process?

Ken Salazar (Colorado) We'd been just as worse off if Pete Coors had won this seat. At least he would have brought some beer for us to drown our sorrows in.

Christopher Dodd (Connecticut) okay, both he and Lieberman have got to go

Carper (Delaware) don't know much about him, except he cast a bad vote this time.

I see I do have to add Barack Obama (Illinois) to the list of sellouts. He may as well announced his membership in the DLC for all the protesting he did to Black Commentator.

Now, I need a drink; thanks to Barack Obama, I would have never been driven to drink, but we are getting an early indication where his priorities are...removing Evan Bayh from this list is small consolation.


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