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Monday, January 24, 2005


In a day where it's convenient to go along to get along, many people fall for anything that comes along. Otherwise, how do you explain the thought process of 59 million people voting for a known liar whose walk with Jesus does NOT match his talk?

Why isn't acknowledgement of lying about the reason for going to war in Iraq hasn't called for Bush's impeachment?

Why hasn't Rep. Bill Thomas' attempt to make it a racial and gender bias on who gets a Social Security check in their retirement, generated outrage and a recall election?

My fellow bloggers at Daily Kos has a post that indicates a good deal of GOPers up for re-election in 2006 are beginning to distance themselves from Bush and his ill-advised policies in droves. Kos suggests that we "marry" these individuals to Bush, and his policies when they run for re-election; that we should not allow them to hide out until November, 2006.

I'll go one better - any DLC-Democrat who signed off on any of Bush's policies and caught in the sheets with the GOP; we should "marry" them to their policies, and their ties to Bush with any policy that refutes the best interests of their constituency, for this is not true representation of their Districts. We should hold them accountable.

I wish our elected officials would stand for something. I know how difficult, how uncomfortable it is to take a stand for something of great importance, especially when no one wants to stand with you. As a Christian, I do it more often than I would like; especially being a pro-choice, liberal, progressive Christian. Many times, it's not comfortable, but at the end of the day, I sleep at night with the comfort of doing what is right, and hopefully, being the recipient of God's favor. While I don't support abortion as a means of birth control, or I recognize what the Bible says about homosexuality, no where in the Bible do you see Jesus going around being a bigot and beating up those who disagreed with Him.

The Christian Right these days would probably crucify Jesus again if He returned, just because He hung out with 12 guys, and it's not Rapture Time yet. That group consisted of a tax collector (Matthew), an HMO doctor (Luke), a Benedict Arnold (Peter), as well as a known thief (Judas). The Christian Right would probably go as far as to suggest that John (the disciple whom Jesus loved) is gay, because John loved Jesus; yes, they have become that drunk on the Kool-Aid. So when James Dobson is going after SpongeBob Square Pants because he believes SpongeBob is gay, I say Dr. Dobson and the Dumbdamentalists have waaay too much time on their hands, and are really testing their "perceived" power with GeeDubya's regaining the White House by launching such asinine and foolish attacks. Why aren't they calling the President out on his foreign policies and the war in Iraq being based on outright lies? Is it "Christian" to start wars with nations who have done nothing to you, except tell you you can't have their oil?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was brave enough to take a stand for civil rights and civil liberties; he went to jail, he marched, he was beaten - his house bombed and finally, he sacrificed his life. Yet, Dr. King was often alone, because other African-American Ministers - (especially the ones who wouldn't even allow King in their pulpits back in the day) did not have his back. Now these are the same ministers, who, some 40 years later, loudly proclaim Dr. King as a brave and honorable man, while benefitting from the fruits of Dr. King's labors - and conveniently avoiding paying the cost. If any of them have stepped to his widow, Coretta, I would hope she spit in their eye. However, knowing the grace that is Coretta Scott King, she probably gave them a free pass.

These are the same ministers toting Bush's water for a slice of that faith-based money pie. They will probably go the way of Armstrong Williams on the Money Train, when their congregations, many of whom are Social Security recipients, find out that Rev. Dr. GreedyGut and Bishop BMW sold them out for the faith-based filthy lucre.

The motto for this year is "Stand for Something or Fall For Anything". The "Fall For Anything" is generally the DLC theme song.


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