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Friday, January 21, 2005

Taking a Sick Day on the Inaugural...and Shutting Up John Kerry

I was literally sick at the thought of the "coronation" of GeeDubya, and my sinuses seemed to cooperate, so I took the day off. While I didn't plan it, you have to admit that it was appropriate to protest in my own way, by breathing enough polluted air the day before (wood-burning chimneys - what can I say?) to develop congestion that I wouldn't wish on an elephant, LOL.

However, today's Capitol Blue article does just fine in telling John Kerry to "shut up" about losing the Presidency. IF he were a Real Democrat, he should have been rising in objection along with Barbara Boxer, and giving some money to the litigation causes trying to fight what happened in Ohio. Does he? NOOOOO, he's out here in Cali, partying with the Governator and his crew. Also, his "No" vote against Condoleezza Rice is only for show...cause in his arrogance, he's considering a run again in 2008. That's typical DLC posturing for ya...and another reason why this bunch has got to GO...

Read it here:

JUST SHUT UP - If Sen. John Kerry believes he was cheated out of the White House, he should have challenged the outcome of the election. Since it is too late for that, he should just shut up and get on with trying to salvage the party from the wreckage he helped bring about.

Excuse me, but how do you salvage something you helped to bring about?


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