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Friday, January 28, 2005


I always had a soft spot for Rep. Henry Waxman of Los Angeles (next to Diane Watson and Maxine Waters, of course) because he has long been brave enough to take on the Thug Party, even if he's defeated - but that's what he and the other 434 members of the House get paid to do.

"He's developed the model. It's what we would like every ranking member to do--to ask questions, be persistent and not accept silence. He's motivated other Democrats and has even created some discontent within the Democratic caucus because newer members on other committees sometimes don't think the ranking members are aggressive enough." - Rep. George Miller (D-California)

As David Corn states in the Nation, ( all of our representatives should be willing to become "Eliot Ness" on the things that matter to their constituents. The DLC reminds me of the "Enforcer" Frank Nitti, when they band together to support neo-con sponsored initiatives that go directly against their constituents' best interests.

Note to DLC-er: Your Constituents didn't vote for "Frank Nitti" they voted for you. Act like it.


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