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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


No one can feel more empathy for Bob and Mary Schindler than one who has faced similar situations in saying good-bye to your loved one and allowing them to die with dignity. Or continue existing, if that's in accordance with God's will.

Since the last attempt to go to court has denied their appeal, and the Supreme Court won't touch it, in addition to both Bush brothers making a horses' ass of themselves, and not to mention the GOP had the sheets pulled back and the whole world saw they weren't wearing any underwear...

It's time for the Schindler's to pack it in.

Please, I'm not being heartless or lacking in compassion; I think that with the continual coverage of this, it's wearing all of America out, no matter what side you're on. Additionally, the Schindler's damaged their cred with the public when it became known that those who donated to their cause had their information sold to a "Thank You" from Bob and Mary for being concerned about the plight of their daughter.

No one wins here; not Michael Schaivo, who I understand has been subjected to death threats, and not the Schindler's, who are now looking like they are guilty of what they have accused their son-in-law of - being after whatever money there is for Terri.

As I said, no one wins.

So, I hope that the media would, for once, be considerate of the rest of America and pull the plug on their coverage, and Bob and Mary Schindler pull the plug on continuing with their attempts to give Terri back the feeding tube. Isn't it possible that if they were to succeed, they might possibly do more damage and hasten Terri's death that much sooner if the tube is reinserted and it backfires because her body has become accustomed to being without it and has started the natural process of dying? If that's the case, then what?


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