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Monday, April 04, 2005


Whomever decided that a cockroach needed his own song, must have had Tom DeLay in mind. Really, equating DeLay with the insect species he made a fortune in controlling, is insulting the insect species of the animal kingdom. For that, I apologize. To the insects, that is.

You would think with the debacle that became Terri Schaivo would have been a warning to Mr. DeLay and his DLC enablers, enough is enough. The GOPers, whom Mr. DeLay has now threatened (in a Frank Nitti kind of way) if they don't support him, are scrambling like, well, cockroaches, trying to hide from the light that this juggernaut has imposed on them, airing their dirty laundry and showing to the rest of America, what those of us who blog, Steve Gilliard, David Sirota, John Aravosis, Atrios and others, have long been saying about Tom "the Hammer" DeLay.

That there is a faction of the GOP which is reserved for wing nuts only. You know something about DeLay is not passing the smell test if Vice-President Dick Cheney had to sling DeLay's behind under the metamorphical bus

On the other hand, while DeLay completes a miraculous feat (imploding on himself), I'm reminded of a post by my friend Mr. Gilliard on his blog on Friday. He had a picture of lightening striking. The caption read underneath the picture, "God strikes and misses Tom DeLay".

I'll go you one better, Steve. "God was taking a practice shot at Tom DeLay. When He gets ready to aim, He won't miss."

I just wish some of the more worthless members of the DLC were within firing range...


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