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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Yeah, you read the title correctly. The DLC reminds me of animals who eat their offspring when they persist in attacking the more liberal members of the Democratic Party as a means of currying favor with the GOP, if this article in The New Republic (a rag I don't really read anymore, cause it's for spineless Democrats) is anything to go by.

My God, you would think that Al From's losing record of eight straight national elections would be enough to convince everyone else that he's not worth listening to anymore. Would you continue listening to your stockbroker's advice, if you kept losing more and more of your money? Of course not. So why should we continue listening to From, or any other card-carrying member of the DLC has to say about anything these days, or in the months and weeks ahead?

Then again, this is the Democratic Leadership Council we're talking about. While they're attacking Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid, Senator John Cornyn embarasses everyone and their mother by supporting people that want to have themselves a "Matthew Hale" moment and murder judges who preside over their case and they receive an adverse ruling (as in being found "Guilty" by a jury of their peers). The DLC should be jumping on this one, as should the rest of the Party. In fact, Senator Frank Lautenberg and Rep. John Conyers have already fired their first shots.

Are they challenging Bill Frist about that "nuclear option" to the filibuster, just because they want to put their own version of "activist judges" onto the bench? Bear in mind that an activist judge, in the pea-sized brains of Frist, DeLay, Hastert and now Cornyn, is really codespeak for "judiciary who will do what we want, and to hell with the law." In the long run, that might not be such a good idea for the Republithugs, since they might be the minority party after 2006.

As I said, while all of these attacks are going on and with more to come, you would think that From and Bruce Reed would really put a sock in it and step up to Howard Dean, and Harry Reid, and say "Now's not the time for internal differences. What can we do to help the common cause for all of us?" wouldn't you?

But noooooooo, the DLC is such a selfish bunch of Repthuglican wanna-bes, the thought of actually engaging in unselfish actions for the sake of the Democratic Party is so far beyond their thought process, it's just easier to drink Bush's kool-aid, feed on the scraps he throws out, and wait for that beating that Karl Rove will give them because, in the words of a habitual abuser, he "loves" them.

And for that reason, the DLC needs to be decimated. Period.


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