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Thursday, March 31, 2005


I'm experiencing an unusual amount of anger today. And I know exactly the source of my anger: THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS.

First, they have been acting like the Keystone Kops ever since they took their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution in January, when they convened to get about the business of the country. Democrats roll over, play dead, and the few Democrats with a spine, get picked off at 30 yards by the DLC members via Fox News.

Then, we watch them tell the American people, whom they represent, a collective "Screw You, we know what's best" when they cravenly involved themselves in the Terri Schiavo issue (may that poor woman rest in peace) when they flew back from their home perches on Palm Sunday and passed a bill designed only for Terri, yet none of these SOBs were demanding the same justice for an African-American baby named Sun Hudson. Guess when you're African-American and can't pay the bill, the Congress is more than happy to allow "State's Rights" to kick right on in.

Please don't get me started on the bankruptcy bill. The Black Commentator lists all the SOBs in the Democratic Party who are comatose on the GOP Kool-Aid, as well as addicted to feeding at the corporate trough:

I'm really angry that the African-American chumps who signed off on this bill, represent districts that have the highest rates of bankruptcy filings in the country! Is this your way of "representing your constituents' best interests" when you tell them that their best interest is lining your pockets because you never intended to represent their best interests in the first place - you are just using your office for higher advancement and political their expense? Please tell me that you don't honestly think that their best interests includes a stint in debtor's prison because they won't be able to pay their debts. Because you also voted on legislation that outsourced their job to China. Because you supported legislation that prevented them from having healthcare, which led to the debt in the first place.

And don't think for one minute that at Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend that participants are not going to get in your grill about your voting record that shows consistent selling out of your district's best interests - I'm vowing here and now that your districts are going to know you're undercover. You may not see me, personally, but I met enough people at Tavis Smiley's event to assist me in this venture, because they are as disgusted as your constituents will be when they find out they've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, you're running amok with the GOP, and Plymouth Rock has all but buried them in the ground that you trample on.

By the way, when the GOP gets through sucking the political life out of your collective asses, we plan to have rehab organizations waiting for you, because, as a Christian, I still think you have some redeeming qualities, and who knows? You may still make a meaningful contribution to society, but not in the condition you're in right now.

I'm angry that la cucaracha, Tom DeLay, continues to occupy his House seat, when he should be wearing prison stripes and sharing a cell with Scott Peterson (okay, even Scott Peterson deserves some peace while he waits for that needle in his arm).

I'm angry that Bill Frist is allowed to perform diagnosis on a person just by watching video tape. The good state of Tennessee should revoke his medical license for acting as a Doctor on TV, while using his medical background to advance every piece of legislation that eliminates how the Frist family earned their wealth (abortions, anyone?).

I'm angry that Robert Novak hasn't been served with a warrant for his arrest, and that Jeff Gannon is considered a "bonified" journalist by getting invited to speak at the National Press Club, a forum which held workshops on the antics of Jayson Blair, but failed to invite the man himself to provide his side of the story. Is the NPC complicit in trying to make Jeff Gannon a legit journalist who prostitutes on the side?

I'm angry that we cannot count on Congress to effect the needed changes to restore America back to her former glory. I'm angry that money talks and BS walks everything that's been going on since the Reagan Administration; that there's a double standard based on your ability to pay for justice, and that the most egregious incidents are washed away in the mainstream media spin cycle, while the same government castrated Bill Clinton for a blow job in the Oval Office.

I'm angry that we were told that honor was going to be restored to the highest annals of government, and yet, we have the most immoral government ever in charge, moral values are really code words for hypocracy rising, and the rest of the world sees America for the dirty whore she has become, thanks to those in charge and in power.

Everyone wants to be a winner; everyone likes being a winner, and everyone wants to be on the winning team. But answer me this; how can you enjoy winning at the expense of people who have never met you; people who are just trying to survive; common, everyday people, who just get up, go to work, and try to make it through the day. Is it their fault that they aren't wealthy and therefore, have no place at the table where decisions are made on a hourly basis, that directly impacts them?

Is it their fault that they don't get to compete on a level playing field? Is it their fault that they get sick and incur expensive health costs, or worse, fail to get medical care and die prematurely?

Is is their fault that they can't afford to send their child to a private school and have to make do with the public school system that's being decimated because a small faction of this country has decided who is entitled to a quality education and who is not?

Is it their fault that the environment is no longer a sustainable one, and if something isn't done, in a few years, we'll be looking at Soylent Green?

Is it their fault that they can't afford a house because the minimum wage they are paid on the only jobs they qualify for, (because of a lack of education), hasn't bothered to keep up with rates of inflation?

I'm angry because our Congressional members seem to think it IS our FAULT, and their attitudes are reflected in the legislation they are developing and implementing into law. I'm angry because the legislation they pass is not going to affect them directly or indirectly, and they know this. Why should they be concerned about Social Security when they already have a protected pension fund and won't need it? Why should they be concerned about universal health care, when they already have a separate health coverage plan from the rest of the country? Why should they be concerned about education, when they can afford to send their children to any school of their choice?

I'm angry, all right, because Americans deserve better than the offal that's the majority of Congress in both houses. I'm angry because I'm frustrated that I don't know how to raise the anger level, because people are weary, beaten down and just basically apathetic.

Yet, I'm not giving up. I'm too angry to give up, because I care.


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