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Friday, April 01, 2005


When I read at DailyKos, Steve Gilliard's blog and David Sirota's blogs about how La Cucaracha, Tom DeLay, essentially threatened the Federal judges who ruled against the Schindler's in the Terri Schiavo issue, a chill went down my spine; first, at just how unhinged this man is becoming, as if he was inhaling the pesticides he used for pest control in Texas, and (b) didn't he just commit a Federal offense by threatening a member of the Federal Judiciary?

I sent a reply to Sirota's blog - he caught it. As far as I know, when Senator Jesse (KKK) Helms said that President Clinton would need a bodyguard if he ever came to North Carolina, I wondered at the time, where the hell were the Secret Service to show up in the Dirksen Senate Building to slap on the cuffs and read him his rights?

But Sirota says that threats are par for the course for the GOP. Read about it here:

Just like Klans member Helms should have been told "Book 'em Danno!" for threatening the President of the United States (which carries a nickel stretch {5 to 15 years} in da joynt {prison}), La Cucaracha needs to be having his fingerprints done for threatening Federal judges, and asking for his lawyer as they Mirandize his reptilian behind. You know DeLay will scream to the heavens if they don't read him his rights, while he would deny those rights to you or me, if we ever get arrested. Thank God for Ernesto Miranda and the Supremes of 1966...

After all this, I can't believe there are still some in the Democratic Party that thinks treatment like this is cool and should be emulated. But then, again, the DLC has always been delusional...


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