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Friday, June 24, 2005


Anyone who's read George Orwell's "1984" is familiar with the tactics that forced dictatorship, stiffling of dissent or debate, and basically controlled people with fear and torture.

I swear, what we see in the Federal Government these days, Karl Rove confirmed with his mouth on Wednesday, that he's not a brillant strategican or political advisor - he's merely borrowed the play strategies from Orwell's book. Remember the key rule:


My scriptural reading for today came from the sixth chapter of the book of Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. During the time of Jeremiah's ministry, he was often known as "the Weeping Prophet" because he shed a good deal of tears over his people because he loved them and saw them heading on the path to certain destruction. Specifically, Jeremiah knew that God was going to put things in order, but there was chaos going on, and the rulers kept saying that everything was rosy. Kind of like Cheney telling us that the Iraqi insurgence "was in it's last throes" and those who are actually engaging in combat saying it's not letting up anytime soon, and that the "insurgents" seemed to have gained a second wind.

Jeremiah 6:14-15 states: "They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying, 'Peace, peace,' when there is no peace. Were they ashamed when they committed abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; at the time that I punish them, they shall be overthrown," says the LORD

Everything the Bush Administration has touched is crumbling around them. What you are seeing are wounded animals being cornered. If you ever cornered a wounded beast, because they are wounded, they lash out. At anything and with anything. For years, the Bush Administration got away with lies, stiffling of dissent, discouragement of debate or questioning their motives and methods.

They soothed us with words, while their actions screwed us over royally. And they were not ashamed that they were committing treason, creating increased poverty, ruining the environment, and placing America in debt slavery to China. But now, just as you read in Jeremiah 6:15 - "Therefore, they shall fall among those who fall; at the time that I punish them, they shall be overthrown..."

I said in my blog on Thursday that Rove seemed to be on the edge of a Meltdown. I still stand by my assessment. But in the meantime, those of us who have remained vigilant, crying out to our friends and loved ones that Bush wasn't what he was portraying himself to be, and getting cursed out or told you weren't "Christian" for trying to warn them not to get taken in - we still have to cry these development out, as loud as we can; as often as we can. America is starting to sober up from the Kool-Aid and just like a person who wakes up from a hangover and finds you have been ripped off, her citizens are angry and growing angrier by the day.

Do not get distracted by Rove's pronouncements. Use the anger his words invoke to continue demanding answers. To continue demanding that this Administration come clean with American citizens about Iraq, and everything else they have lied about. To continue to demand that Congress take back their authority and draft up articles of Impeachment, or removal per the 25th Amendment of the Constitution.

Jeremiah cried out the truth long and hard. Often, he was jailed or stuck in a mudpit to get him to shut up. But he didn't. And after a while, people began to wake up from their Kool-Aid induced haze to hear what he had to say. Like Jeremiah, I've cried out, too, ever since January 20, 2001.

You should have heard my Christian friends. They were soooo happy that a real "Christian" got the White House through "God's Intervention". Now, five years later, after watching their jobs go overseas without them; after elimination of money for those social programs they depended on; after watching the elimination of money that would have paid for healthcare; after watching Congressional involvement in the Terri Schaivo deal, and constant revelations that the President lied to the country to facilitate support for the Iraq quagmire, you don't hear jack from my friends. When they complain and I remind them who they voted for, I get either, "Shut up, Tisha" or "I don't want to talk about it."

Ladies and gentlemen, I was called a "heathen" when I did my "Jeremiah" act. The more I kept quoting scripture, such as Romans 12:14 ("In as much as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone"), and challenging them to show me where Bush's actions lined up with the Bible, they pulled a "Rove" on me and switched up the arguement altogether.

One day, I managed to stop that, though. When I said, "You know, when I ask you to show me where the Bible justifies Bush's actions, you always pick a tidbit of something he's said and run with it. You need to stop that and give me a clear, direct answer."

The silence I heard was deafening. I nailed it home when the tsunami hit the day after Christmas and it was revealed that the Sri Lankans had to convert to Christianity if they wanted relief help that was being flown in.

"Where is it in the Bible where it says that 'You can get this help, but only if you become a Christian?' "

The look on my friends' face said it all. "The Bible doesn't say that. It says 'If any man believes.' They don't have to believe; but we show Christ's love when we freely help them."

"So, why isn't Bush denouncing that?" I asked. "Why isn't he encouraging Dobson and LaHaye to take their butts over there and help with no strings attached?"

It's very painful to see the scales drop from a deluded person's eyes, and they face a reality they may have suspected, but wanted to deny it's existance. But, that only strengthened my resolve to continue speaking the truth to power. What we are seeing from Rove and crew is their continued attempt to deny the truth to the rest of America.

When you know the truth, you can take any ridicule, any harassment, any attempts to shut you down or off. Because you will be motivated to keep speaking up and speaking out. The truth can't be shut up, shut off, buried or denied. She always has a way of making herself known.

The truth is making herself known to the Bush Cartel. And they want to deny her, so they can continue the runination of America. But Truth won't allow that; she is too powerful, too factual and too accurate to be ignored or denied.


Blogger drumwolf said...


Out of curiosity, these particular Christian friends you're describing to me -- what race are they? Are they white, black, both, other, etc?

I ask because I've always had the impression that despite their shared professed faith, white and black Christians have different political sensibilities that are reflected in their voting habits -- white Christians tend to be right-wing Republicans and black Christians tend to be solidly Democrat.

The mentality you're describing is something I would have expected from right-wing white evangelicals, but I wouldn't expect that mentality to be quite as rampant in the black church, which produced Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

I've certainly never assumed that simply being a "Christian" means you think a certain way. For example, during the Civil Rights Movement, many of the people on both sides were Christians, both the Civil Rights activists and the racist segregationists.

See ya on Gilly's blog,

9:05 AM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


Those comments came from African-Americans...those friends who are of other ethnicity were screaming about Bush's antics as loud as I was.

I find African-Americans to be solidly liberal on social programs, like health care or housing, but some can be rabidly conservative, and want to see the societal programs that assist people of color to level the playing field eliminated, ala Booker T. Washington.

I sounded more like Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King to my friends, and just like Douglass and King scared the hell out of their peers with their speech, so did I.

Sometimes, people don't want to be challenged to think outside of their comfort zones...whereas, I've always thought outside of the box...

The Black Churches are also producing the likes of Harry Jackson, Jesse Lee Peterson and Eddie Long. All powerful Black preachers with large congregations.

All, who supped at Bush's table, got a slice of faith based money pie and are now crying "foul" because they didn't succeed in fooling any Blacks to convert to the GOP as Bush and Melhman hoped.

But because they are "Rent-A-Negro" preachers, they have to dance with them that brung them; in their case, it's taking Bush's money through faith-based initiatives which aren't helping anyone in their communities.

7:26 PM  
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