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Thursday, June 23, 2005


What can one say about Karl Rove? We call him the "Puppetmaster" who controls GeeDubya, and next to Dick Cheney, the American public has endowed him with powers that the Wizard of OZ was never credited with.

But in light of the remarks Rove made, saying that the liberals don't understand what happened on September 11th; that liberals are unpatriotic and want the soldiers fighting in Iraq and elsewhere to die - well, those remarks don't sound like a person who has been portrayed as a brillant Orwellian strategist, does it?

In fact, I would say that these are the remarks of a person coming unhinged from the moorings of reality. Face it, the Bush Cartel has been operating within a reality of their own making since January 20, 2001. But not in your wildest imaginations, would one consider Rove to put himself out, front and center, with ramblings like the ones he made yesterday. His strength has always been to operate out of sight in a stealth-like manner. His very deviousness lies in his ability to get things done out of the spotlight. So why is he stepping full frontal into the media glare?

I would say that he, like the rest of the Bush Administration, are drunk with their own perceived power. Rove has read the media statements about him; he's heard the political pundits pontificate on what a good strategist he is, and now, he's succumbed to believing his own press. In believing his own press, Rove is emboldened to step out on the world stage and make the ludicrous statements about liberals wanting American soldiers to die in a war that, by tacit admission, was fabricated on a cowdung pile of lies and innuendo, not to mention playing on the very real fears of the masses that look to, and trust the Federal Government to keep Americans safe.

A monster created is one that sooner, or later, feeds on it's power until it self-destructs into oblivion. And the master who created the monster, soon has to kill his own creation, or risk getting destroyed by the very thing he created. Is it too soon to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the monster, which is known as the Bush Administration, has started on the slippery and treacherous path to self-destruction? And is Karl Rove doing the driving?

Is Karl Rove finally on the edge of descending into a madness that we lay people cannot even begin to fathom? Can we admit that maybe his remarks are a clear signal that he is faced with destroying the monster he created? Or is Rove just drunk on power and is finally ready to step out of the shadows and run amok freely and openly?

Only time will tell. While we have met the enemy and the enemy may have been us, for allowing Rove to ever darken the White House with his presence, we may be witnessing the monster having to destroy himself, in order to save the lives of the rest of America. He cannot save himself, and Rove's speech may be the beginning of his own self-annihilation.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving person.


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