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Thursday, August 11, 2005


I've been reading on the blogs that Bob Woodward is saying that the Devil's spawn, Vice-President Dick Cheney, seeks to succeed GeeDubya in 2008. Before you go into your "W-T-H" moment, consider that if Cheney throws his hat in the ring, it could be the deliverance from the years-long nightmare that most of us have been waiting for.

"How so?" you may ask. You're also probably wondering if I'm drunk on the GOP Grog, too, but, with the history of substance abuse in my family, I'm strictly tee-total, but I digress. If Cheney runs to succeed the person we are calling the Worst President Ever, it may be a blessing in disguise.

Just like we will see a John Bolton eruption at the U. N. (and it's not "if", but "when") which will blow what little credibility we have left in the global community, Cheney's mug on the ticket should be enough to send people into the streets en masse, to vote for whoever is on the Democratic Ticket, because, well, he's Dick Cheney, the meanest SOB ever to grace the Beltway.

He's badder than Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown (thanks to the late Jim Croce). So what makes Cheney the blessing in disguise for the rest of us?

For starters, you can hang war profiteering around his neck (former CEO of Halliburton); especially if the Iraq war isn't over, and Dubya starts conflicts with other members of the Axis of Evil (I can see Cheney pissing off North Korea as I write this).

You can tag Cheney with all the sliming of honest, ethical individuals who take a stand for what is right and tell the truth, because he's doing it right now. You honestly think Bush is capable of such devious planning and implementation of slime and slander? Please, if you read "Bush on The Couch" by Dr. Justin Frank, you will agree with his assessment that Bush is totally incapable of intelligent thought on a long term basis. That also explains his "gut feeling" impulses versus relying on facts, logic and actually having to perform the labor of reading and comprehension.

Cheney is not a likable person. Most of us would like to think that the President is someone with a personality that actually is likeable. Even Tricky Dick Nixon was likeable, in small doses. That's why GeeDubya was able to get public office - he knows how to schmooze and make people let down their guard to actually LIKE HIM. Can you see Dick Cheney engaging in anything warm and fuzzy, personal, intimate?

I don't know about you, but if the reports that he and Lynne cold-heartedly conceived a child to help him avoid going to Vietnam are to be believed....yeesh, and nix on the warm and fuzzies, please!

Cheney is a lot like John Bolton; it's only a matter of time to wait for their implosion or explosion. My only concern is that they take out the innocent along the way.

So, go ahead, GOP. Put Cheney on the ticket to run. By the time he gets through sliming any other GOP candidate in his attempt to win the GOP nomination, the GOPers who gets in his way will abandon the party in annihilation and those who are left...may vote for anyone other than Cheney. It's like nails on a chalkboard when I turn on the news and hear his voice - thankfully, the Bush Administration PR team learned early in the game to keep Cheney out of sight and hid in that bunker.

If running Cheney for President is what it takes to decimate the GOP stronghold on all three branches of our Government, BRING IT ON, cause Cheney may prove to be the GOP's very own WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.


Blogger Duc said...

What a great post. As I was looking for resources for a blog post of my own, I found this and just had to quote and link you. Good stuff!

11:01 AM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Thanks for visiting the blog. Feel free to use my posts anytime.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Christopher said...

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11:13 AM  
Blogger Schwarzmann said...

While I think you're right that Cheney couldn't be elected to the White House if nominated, how likely do you really think it is that he would get the nomination?

I think that most Republicans would realize that he has no chance for election and would vote for someone else in the primary for that very reason.

I may be totally wrong. I was wrong about the 2000 race. I was originally overjoyed that George W. Bush got the Republican nomination because I didn't believe that he'd be able to muster more than 30 or 40% of the vote, especially considering his obviously superior opponent...

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

11:49 AM  
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Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

WOW! Thanks to all of you who have agreed to bookmark my blog! I'm deeply humbled and inspired to continue churning out informational posts.

And, as soon as I learn to link other blogs, if you have one, feel free to send it to me for the link.

1:21 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Hey, "It's Alright, Man"

With how the last two elections were suspect, I don't put anything past this Cabal, to rig an election to install Cheney, no matter how odious people find him. It's all about power, and even the most uncharismatic person can get elected to high office (see Hitler, Adolf).

1:23 PM  

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