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Monday, July 18, 2005


As we Americans continue to watch the latest episode of the "As Karl Rove Turns" soap opera coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there's a new plot twist you need to be aware of: the one where the "who-done-it?" video game, is being pointed at another character in the Bush Administration - Condoleezza Rice.

Yes, that Condoleezza Rice. Is there any other? Who else would go on TV to defend why the White House dragged their feet in responding to the terrorist attacks on September 11th, by saying "We didn't know that the hijackers would use airplanes as missiles"; yet be in possession of a Presidential Daily Briefing Memo, dated August 6, 2001, titled: "Bin Laden Determined to Strike U. S."

Senator Barbara Boxer came within a hair's breath of calling girlfriend a liar. As an African-American woman, I wish Boxer had quit fencing with Rice during her confirmation hearings and did just that. For those of us African-Americans who consider Rice and her accomplishments to be a credit to the race, consider the facts that she's done nothing remarkable except be rewarded for following orders. Nothing she has done can be considered a credit to the race. As far as I know, we don't consider TREASON and LYING worthy of American Heritage, let alone African-American heritage.

She did what she was told, regardless of if those orders hurt Americans overall. Like developing lies as reasons for the Iraq war. As you recall, her predecessor, Colin Powell, proceeded to ruin his reputation in the global community, by taking those lies (complete with PowerPoint Presentation) and presenting that crock of crap to the United Nations as justification for attacking a nation that has not bothered the United States in almost 25 years. When they did, Donald Rumsfeld was making a delivery of WMDs to Mr. Hussein back in 1983. How much do you want to speculate that Saddam is on the CIA payroll, just like Manuel Noreiga was back in the 1980s during Iran-Contra Gate?

I don't think anyone honestly believed that the man known as "Bush's Brain" was going down alone - he's taking participants with him, because that's what cowardly primordial slime does. And since Rice was National Security Advisor at the time of Robert "Novakula" Novak's column which effectively outed Ms. Plame and equally effectively ended her career as a CIA undercover operative, it is being suggested that she, as well as her deputy, Stephen Hadley, also had knowledge of Plame being Joe Wilson's wife. Rice could just as easily leaked the information, or at most, had knowledge of who orchested the leak to Novakula, Judy Miller and Matt Cooper, while sitting on her lacquered behind and said or did nothing. Cooper decided he didn't want to go to jail and become an inmate named "Skillet's" girlfriend, so he's given up Turd Blossom (Rove) as the source.

It's disingenious of Rove to say while he didn't say "Valerie Plame" that he didn't out her as a CIA undercover operative. It doesn't pass the smell test.

It would also stand to reason that somehow, the entire mess is going to be laid at the feet of Condoleezza Rice. My question is: should we feel sorry for her?

My answer is: She knew what she was dealing with, and all soldiers with a conscience know when to disobey an order if the order means violating ethics or morals - neither of which she has. None of which anyone in this Administration has, come to think of it. It's practically a job requirement to lack morals, ethics and call yourself a Christian.

The leak trail is pointing to Condoleezza Rice. What is she going to do about it?


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