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Saturday, July 16, 2005


David Sirota gives us another reason why the DLC is useless and needs to be terminated. Read more about it below:

CAFTA: DLC Stabs Democrats in the Back...As Usual

The Beltway-brain-rot insiders at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) have once again stabbed Democrats in the back, this time releasing a report defending the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) in an effort to help President Bush attract enough peel-off Democratic votes to pass this corporate-written sell out. I am on book deadline right now so I don't have enough time today to go into all the reasons that CAFTA is bad, except to say look at the links below. I also don't have enough time to go into how this just once again proves the DLC exists to help Corporate America corrupt the Democratic Party. But make no mistake about it: the DLC is doing everything it can to undermine House Democrats, who are trying to stand up for America's middle class and stop this corporate-written atrocity.

As if the DLC is just an arm of the Bush White House, the organization timed its CAFTA report perfectly to coincide with the President's final push for the legislation. Despite the DLC's pathetic, transparent rhetoric about wanting to "bring a spirit of radical pragmatism" to the debate, what the DLC is showing is that it is an organization devoted to urging Democrats to sell their souls to the highest bidder. That may sell well with the DLC's corporate funders in Washington, D.C., but out here in the heartland, that kind of gutless behavior only hurts the Democratic Party over the long run.


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