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Thursday, July 07, 2005


It's no fun being sick. Or being operated on.

Within the last two weeks, I've had both. But I'm on the mend now, and ready to resume blogging.

Since England was awarded the 2012 Olympics and the G-8 Summit is supposed to be going on in Scotland, I wake up at 3:00am this morning to hear that the London Subway is shut down, and the double decker buses exploded, right during rush hour, when there were most likely to be countless casualties.

I thought that waging war with Iraq was supposed to make the Nation safer. But, as I recall, Osama Bin Forgotten orchestrated and directed 20 of his boys, better known as Al Queada, to hijack four airplanes and fly them into the Pentagon, the World Trade Center and God knows where else.

But we're told that Saddam Hussein is responsible for terrorism. Are you through chugging that Kool-Aid yet?

At first, when Prime Minister Tony Blair responded and held a press conference, in which he classified this as a "terrorist" act, I thought he was jumping the gun; then I thought that maybe the terrorists were HOME GROWN. It wouldn't be the first time. On April 19, 1995, the most egregious act of terrorism, the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, which killed 168 people, including children, occurred on American soil. The fact that such a terroristic act was committed by an American born citizen, a former Marine, who just happened to be pissed off by the Federal Government, is very rarely mentioned. Why isn't the name of Timothy McVeigh being invoked in the same tone we do with Saddam Hussein?

In the last few months, I've grown very cynical. That's not good for a Christian Progressive Liberal - I have Jesus, right? Well, yes, I do, but my point is, whenever Bush needs Americans to look elsewhere, and not focus on his failings as President of the United States, this Administration's hubris leads them into orchestrating such events that are guaranteed to divert your attention some where else. And since Tony Blair has practically been joined at the hip with Bush, I can't help but wonder if the sacrificing of the lives of innocent Britions, served up as canapes for the enemy, is also an orchestrated plot to distract the British from the fact that their Prime Minister sold them a false bill of goods, and gave them the same Kool-Aid that Gee Dubya's supporters continued to drink?

The Blair-Bush Project is a colossal FAILURE. Their only solution is to allow and orchestrate events and fire Weapons of Mass Distraction in a futile attempt to divert the attention of their citizens from what is known to be the cold, hard, realistic TRUTH.

Even though Karl Rove got a come-uppance (of sorts) when he was forced to verify Joe Wilson's assertion that he was the one who leaked the name of Wilson's wife, to Robert Novack, why hasn't he resigned or better yet, doing the perp walk? That was also trotted out to distract Americans from the failings of this President; too numerous to name.

While my heart goes out to the British victims of the bombing attacks, I can't shake the sense in my spirit that both Governments have become so cold, and addicted to power that human lives no longer matter, so they willingly sacrifice them in an effort to distract your attention and mine elsewhere.

They forgot Osama Bin Laden. But today, Osama reminded us of why we're fighting a war on terror, and he also stands as the symbol that our President, and the British Prime Minister have failed, and continue to fail to keep us safe.


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