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Monday, August 22, 2005


Really, dear cousins, you have got to stop sending me this; from your local newspaper, the Memphis Flyer, about the man who represents your district. It's bad enough that I live in California and have a man who's nickname is "The BoobenGrabber" as governor who got the job because there was enough GOP money to can Gray Davis, but to deal with this jackass? As if his voting record on the Bankruptcy Bill, Medicare, School Vouchers, and anything else detrimental to your district, isn't enough. Rosalind Kurita may be the lesser of two evils here...and forget about ethnicity, because the representative you have is an African-American IN NAME ONLY! (That and his facial features, although yellow, but with a distinctly African slant...but I digress)

Now, you're sending me things from the Memphis Flyer that clearly indicates you need a new Congress Critter in 2006, and no way in hell do you allow the current Congress Critter to get to Bill Frist's Senate seat in 2006.

"I love my President. I love him personally..."

Do I hurl my vanilla soy chai latte now or later, cause the text of his speech at the University of Memphis Law School this past Saturday, should be enough where Mel Watt revokes his Congressional Black Caucus Membership Card without needing a majority of votes. It should be enough that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi bans him from any leadership posts in the House, should a miracle occur and the Democrats take back the party.

Because if the Democratic Party is relying on the likes of one Harold Eugene Ford, Jr., to regain party majority in Congress, we may as well surrender to one party domination for the next millenium.

Another reason why the DLC has GOT TO GO.....


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I couldn't have said it better myself...

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