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Thursday, August 25, 2005


I'm in a period of transition at present and haven't been able to blog like I want. But when I turn on the "700 Club" (which I occasionally watch when channel-surfing) and hear the good Rev. Pat Robertson calling for the assasination of the Venuzuelan President, Hugo Chavez, my blood ran cold, because, calling for the killing of any human being directly contradicts one of the Ten Commandments, which specifically states, "THOU SHALT NOT KILL."

Pat Robertson knows better. And less than 24 hours after he utters the words "take him out", he goes back on television and denies he suggested that Hugo Chavez be killed in a U. S. Government-Santioned Assassination plot, because he didn't specifically say the word "assassination".

Excuse me, but doesn't the words "take him out" imply the SAME THING?

Since when does ministers get into the business of calling for government-sanctioned assassinations? It's bad enough that the Democratic Party is suffering from Harold Ford, Jr.'s membership, because he sure walks, talks, eats, breathes and sleeps like a flag-waving, card-carrying GOP, Republithug Party member, but wants to win that U. S. Senate seat on the Democrats' dime, but nationally-renowned Television Ministers calling for the killing of a foreign head of state? Both are equivalent to TREASON, and neither truly represents what they say they do.

Like Ford says he's a Democrat (while acting Republican), Robertson says he's God's man (while acting like one of Satan's minions). And it's more egregious than Ford's treachery, because Ford still has the opportunity to come out of that vat of GOP grog, realize the errors of his ways, and REPENT. Pat Robertson dealt the whole Christian way of life a costly blow, and don't be surprised when Jesus demands he repent, whether HE WANTS TO OR NOT.

The Lord's Name, and what he represents to true Christians (not those who are saying they are Christians, cause their walk is not matching their TALK)must be protected at all times. Even from the likes of Pat Robertson, who, by the instrument of his mouth, dealt Christianity an almighty BLACK EYE.

And just like the would-be Senator from Tennessee, he will soon have to pay the price for DANCING WITH THE DEVIL.


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