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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Yes, the Christian Progressive Liberal is asking that question. Why can't we stop with the bouts of homophobia?

It derailed the Millions More March on Saturday, here in DC. Rev. Willie Wilson went on a tirade when invited speaker and noted gay activist Keith Boykin, approached the podium to speak. According to sources, Minister Louis Farrakhan invited Mr. Boykin to the activities and positive day of atonement. I witnessed the foundation being laid for inclusion of gays during Tavis Smiley's "State of the Black Union" Conference down in Atlanta back in February.

And they wonder why Keith and Jasmyne Connick have done a series of columns speculating about the sexuality of prominent ministers like Wilson, Eddie Long, and others. So much raging about a person's sexuality gives rise to the saying "Me thinks ye doth protesteth too much." In other words, you only rage about a person's sexuality because you have issues with your own sexuality.

The Bush Administration has raised the level of homophobia to a new level...while it's a known fact that this current Republican Administration is the gayest one I've ever seen.

My fellow bloggers over at the Pesky Fly blogged about a local talk show host, Leon Gray, being a progressive while spouting off about gays. He's burned my friends and they are big supporters of him (or were).

Listen, as a Christian, I know full well what the Bible says about homosexuality and I'm not about to try and make it fit...because, well, it doesn't. The Bible forbids the sexual acts between two people of the same sex. Period. And I know that's pretty harsh, but the Bible was never meant to be full of fairy tales.

However, we who are Christian are supposed to be led of the Spirit of God. That also means that we are to treat every person we come into contact with as lovingly as we treat ourselves. So, to my pea brain way of thinking, that means we don't join in with the raging homophobics and condemn, beat, ridicule, harass, discriminate, and go as far as murder, in dealing with homosexuals. We are to love each other, regardless of race, class, gender and sexuality, as we love ourselves.

We are so quick to holler out what the Bible says about homosexuality, while a good deal of other "sins" are excused or reasoned away. If we're hollering about "what the Bible says", then we need to make sure we don't have a moat in our eye of our own. While I can't argue with the Bible's stand on homosexuality, neither can I join in to condemn other human beings, even if they love in a way that I can't understand. So, I try to be equal opportunity in my treatment of everyone I've met or who has crossed my path. Because when we condemn a group of people because they don't love like we may want, we are, in essence, condemning what could be the best part of us - the capacity for unconditionally loving and accepting another flawed human being.

Judge not, lest with by the same standard you are judged.


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