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Friday, October 14, 2005


I know, I know - we want justice to come sooner rather than later. But in my 40+ years on this mortal coil, I've learned that just because we want justice at a certain time, God usually has other plans.

Which is why He's told us that He's the guy for the job regarding revenge. Also, because He's good at it; in ways we'd never conceive.

So, KKKarl Rove is testifying (or testa-lying) before the Federal Grand Jury for the fourth time today. That indicates to me that he didn't tell the whole truth the first, second or third times he's appeared. And, as Steve Gilliard mentioned on his blog, Rove is not considered part of the "aristocracy" that the Bushes maintain they are. He's considered nothing more than a hired hand; Poppy Bush so disliked Rove's performance that he actually fired the guy during his Administration. And GeeDubya, probably to spite his dad, hires him for his gig as Governor of Texas, and now, POTUS.

But we have also seen Bush feed his most loyal staffers (aka "friends") to the sharks when it comes to saving his own hide.

I've been told that self-preservation is the first law of nature. So, Bush, with failing approval ratings, continuously revealed lies that have some in Washington circles singing about impeachment, the mess'o'potamia which is the Iraq war, will not really mind if Rove is seen doing what you see in the picture. It's better known as the "perp walk".

We so want to see it because it restores our faith that elected officials will, on occasion, do the right thing. Even if they are saving their own necks to do it. And even if it doesn't happen, I have faith that the God I serve will extract vengence, because a holy God demands justice in the face of an injustice.

Let's hope we are on the same timetable as He is in seeing justice done.


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