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Monday, October 10, 2005


'Nuff said. He's threatening to issue his first veto against legislation that would prohibit the torturing of war prisoners.

Why should any American be surprised? This is the guy who used to stuff lit firecrackers up the anuses of hapless bullfrogs and watch them explode for sport. So, by his threat to veto the Senate bill that passed by a margin of 90-9 (and I want to know who are the nine Senators who agree with Bush that torture is okay), America continues to be a laughing stock on a global scale. No wonder Irish Television Reporter Carole Coleman, stated in an article about her episode in interviewing Bush, that she felt like slapping him.

Here's a way to resolve this: how about those Senators and Congresspersons getting together enough votes to OVERRULE Bush's veto for the first time in this Administration? Better yet, Congress should do this while it's still legal and Constitutional to do so...

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Oh, yeah, I'll still blog here, too, so you get a double latte shot, LOL.


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