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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


In posting a response to Ford-blogger Chris Jackson, he suggested in his response that to write off Harold Ford, Jr. for the U. S. Senate in 2006 over a few votes, is just plain "silly".

Well, when those few votes were:

  1. The Bankruptcy Bill
  2. The 1st Energy Bill
  3. Estate Tax Repeal
  4. Gang Deterrance Act
  5. Watt Amendment to the Federal Budget
  6. Failing to vote on the Budget because you missed the vote slurping down a plate of coon at Jimmy Naifeh's "Coon Supper"
  7. Failing to co-sponsor legislation that would provide universal healthcare for all;

Then you can tell me how "silly" it is to write off a Senatorial Candidate who is performing in this manner while he still holds his job as a U. S. Congressman. I mean, if we can't depend on Ford to vote on important legislation such as what I've named, regardless of whether or not he has a certain political "base" he has to play to, how can he be depended upon to vote on the important legislation that has the potential to harm entire states, regardless of conservative or liberal, regardless of race or class?

No, Mr. Jackson, we don't expect to agree with the Congressman 100% of the time. But in the percentage of time we don't agree with him, we expect him to be able to articulate his positions to the point of being able to respect his position while disagreeing with his positions. All good elected officials know this; while you win an election on largely a populist base, you keep the job based on your actual performance, and not trying to please everybody. We look for the elected official to have principles, morals, values, that he will not stray from, no matter how much money is thrown at him; no matter how many "perks" he's given. None of us can ever win popularity contests and the legislation he's voted on has the potential to adversely affect the lives of millions of people, nationally, and not just in Tennessee.

You can read more in the Comments section of

Polar Donkey and The Pesky Fly.

How many times can I say this and not sound like a broken record? Another reason to GET RID OF THE DLC...especially since they're influencing the youth and young adult to the point of blind loyalty as they drive off that cliff...


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