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Thursday, October 13, 2005


There are many who want to group Blacks as a homogenious group who wants goverment handouts. And then there are those like Star Parker, LaShawn Barber, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elder, Deroy Murdock and John McWhorter, who say they want to improve the lives of African-Americans, and proceed to excuse the misdeeds of GOP leaders and espoused racism, by being the spokespeople for self-racism.

And they wonder why they aren't finding their audience among African-Americans. Well, that's probably because we have very good BS detectors. Black Commentator says so here:

Black Conservatives will never get the audience they desire as long as they keep shooting us down, while they skin' and grin' for Massa while excelling in their performances in Self-hatred. Why call us "coon"? So the racist white guy doesn't have to sully his mouth with the word?

Their actions speak louder than their words - and these examples of Black Conservatives aid and abet them in their crimes...and they shouldn't wonder why we don't pay any attention to them.


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