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Monday, November 07, 2005



So he says in today's Washington Times, a rag I don't really read, but the headlines caught my attention.

As far as I'm concerned, the Lt. Governor of Maryland is so drunk on the Thug life kool-aid, any African-American who dares to criticize his affiliations (especially if those he affiliates with have demonstrated more than openly, their contempt for people of color, and his failure to condemn those attitudes)is WRONG for criticizing him.

The Black Commentator has already discussed the harm that failing to hold elected Black leaders accountable has, and continues to have.
Michael Steele can't take the heat and needs to get out of the kitchen before he makes a bigger Stepin' Fechit fool of himself than he already has.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger D. C. Russell said...

What is the REAL, but unstated, reason Democrats hate Michael Steele enough to engage in a racist, hate campaign against him?

FEAR and a desperate need to distract the press and the public from focusing on how the Democrats have sold Maryland Blacks down the river.

Michael Steele is a native of, and lives in, Prince George's County, Maryland.

EVERY county and state level elected official in Prince George's County is a Democrat.

The majority of them are Black.

Half of the non-Black minority are Hispanic.

Top school adminsitrators are predominately Black.

If you believe the Democrat's rhetoric, you would expect Prince George's County to be a paradise, especially for "minorities."

You would be wrong.

Prince George's County's rapidly increasing murder rate is second highest in Maryland and the highest in the Washington, DC, suburbs.

Prince George's County's schools are the second worst in Maryland and the worst in the Washington, DC, suburbs. The Black school chief recently resigned while being investigated by the FBI; one of his

top assistants ($130,000 per year) has just been convicted on federal drug laundering charges and has been indicted on witness tampering charges.

Prince George's County has more car thefts and violent carjackings than all the rest of Maryland and the DC suburbs put together.

Attacking Michael Steele is just part of the Democrats scheme to distract the public and the press from their ongoing abysmal failure to either protect or educate the people of Prince George's County.

Unfortunately, the GOP will not field, much less effectively support, respectable alternatives to the failing Prince George's County Democrats.

3:02 AM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

But you could make this argument about any urban area in the United States. While Democrats are complicit, the GOP has told us to our faces time and time again, that they have no use for African-Americans, unless we're on the back of the bus, waiting tables, bellhop, shoeshine guy, or Stepin' Fechit.

Don Imus has said he doesn't like to call us "African-Americans" and that he wasn't going to call Blacks that anymore. He as good as admitted he'd like to call us Nigger, if he thought he could get away with it and not have his show taken off the air by the FCC. With GOPers who think like that, our options are severly limited.

Thanks for reading the blog.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Monica Roberts said...

The GOP has cornered the market in Stephin Fetchits who are eager to sell out their peeps for personal gain.

Janice Rogers Brown, Clarence Thomas, Armstrong Williams, Alan Keyes, HUD secretary Alphonso Jackson, Claude Allen, Ken Blackwell.....

I haven't even touched the list of sellout megachurch ministers who proudly call themselves Republicans while groveling for their faith-based bribe money.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least Michael Steele doen'st like to promote the offing life of children in utero. He is anti capital punishment.

2:53 AM  

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