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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Is this the face of a coward (on the left)?

Well, if you're running for Governor of Virginia, and your opponent appears to be the second coming of Nathan Bedford Forrest, but you're worried about a blogger's photoshopped picture of the "2% Negro for Rent" Lt. Governor of Maryland being posted on your a word, YES, this is what a coward looks like.

A coward who is in the Democratic Leadership Council.

So what if Steve Gillard ran a picture of Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele in blackface. Intelligent people knew exactly what that picture meant; especially since Steele announced that after toting Bush's water, he's going to run for the U. S. Senate in 2006.

Yet, after purchasing a political ad and running it on Gilliard's blog, Kaine's campaign abruptly requested Gilly remove their ad because of the "Stepin' Fechit" picture of Maryland's Lt. Governor. That's a conventional DLC move: cave in during any type of controversy, instead of standing up for what you believe in.

Of course, the DLC would have to have something to believe in, because their SOP is stale, totally useless, worthless, and most of all, continues to harm and cost the Democratic Party in terms of credibility and having a spine. And I've been seeing the vicious campaign that Jerry Kilgore is waging; he has all but dissed Kaine's mother with his attacks. And Kaine's not doing a good job of defending himself - he's singing off the DLC hymn book. So Virginia will have a Republithug Governor in a couple of weeks.

And rather than engage in challenging Kilgore, Kaine has chosen to fight with a guy who was supporting his run, over the picture on the right.

Another spineless DLC member who will manage to botch an easily winnable campaign. Instead, he gives well-meaning Democrats a reason to stay home on November 8th. New tune, same old story; a Democrat who Loses Consistently. Since 1994....

Head over to Gillard's to get his take on this mess. He defends himself quite well.

And, we bloggers are having an effect on the political sphere. My take is that politicians like Kaine would rather be like the rest of what's passing for the mainstream media these days.


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