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Monday, November 14, 2005



Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele just doesn't seem to get it.

First, African-Americans are supposed to be so dang happy he's in the job, while he stands up and supports policies to shaft the same group of African-Americans in the you-know-what.

Then, when African-Americans calls him on his stuff as blogger Steve Gillard did, he gets Governor Bob Ehrlich to call those who dare to criticize Steele, racist. Even GOP Wanker Ken Mehlman has picked up on this diatribe.

Don Imus decides he doesn't want to call African-Americans, well, AFRICAN-AMERICANS anymore. He's wondering how to find ways to call African-Americans the N-word and hopes no one will notice.

Wonder how Harold Ford, Jr., feels about the I-Man really wanting to call him the "N-Word."

The Black Commentator says it best: "When white folks have the final say on what is and is not racist, we are in deep trouble. And when whites are allowed to referee an intra-Black argument, the cuckoo has flown."

If Michael Steele wants to be taken seriously, he needs to quit being a victim, and start fighting his own battles, instead of hiding behind the GOP's hoods. Otherwise, as long as he wants to tote water for a group that would as soon lynch him rather than praise him, he needs to drink his glass of STHU and quit picking fights with bloggers like Steve Gillard, because he can't win.

MARYLAND: Is this who you want as your next U. S. Senator? A man who is too weak to fight his own battles?


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