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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Starring Hillary Clinton as Tonya Harding.

You can't make this stuff up.

Okay, so I have fatigue from both Obama and Clinton - and the obvious one (cough, Hillary, cough) is beyond clueless at this point to stand down and save the Democratic Party.

I've no great love for Obama, either. He's good at speechifying - but I want to hear some solid political platform positions come out his mouth instead of another platitude (although he ripped it with the speech on race). I'm not drunk off Obama-aid, and I'm not likely to be any time soon. But when you start hearing talk coming out of the Clinton camp that at this point, in order to get the nomination for the Borg Queen, they may have to resort to "knee-capping" Obama - man, the adrenalin kicks in.

"Knee-capping" Obama? Have we ran into a lost episode of "The Sopranos" now?

The Clintons better ask Tonya Harding how did kneecapping Nancy Kerrigan 15 years ago work out for her (I recall lifetime ban from the sport of competitive figure-skating and somebody went to jail).

They just had their big donors threaten House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - telling her she'd best back off that talk about allowing us voters to have their say, and not those Pesky superdelegates (sorry, Pesky, no pun intended).

Honestly, after all the race-baiting (thanks Gerry Ferraro), the 3am Phone calls (like she would be up at 3AM to take any kind of calls, except looking for Bill in the street), Mark Penn (Jabba's 1st cousin), Handkerchief Head Mammy Maggie Williams (aka Chief Crab in Barrel), and getting caught in a prize whopper that even Captain Ahab couldn't have envisioned with that Bosnia trip ("Hey, it's too dangerous for me to go over there, so I think I'll send my wife and daughter - oh, and take a comedian and a guitar player with you..."), it has come down to this:


And they're not even doing that well, either. They could use some lessons from chief original gangstas, like, say, Al Capone, or, for the kids, Suge Knight.

Rule of thumb - GANGSTAS do not put what they're planning to do in WRITING. Nor do they allow themselves to be caught in a lie by having their actions recorded on video.

That's more like Keystone Kops BS, right there.

I kept wondering after Texas, which Hillary Clinton persona would show up for the remainder of the primary season, and I have my answer.

Kitchen-sink/Scorched Earth Hillary</span>. She's lied, cried, hissed, booed, cussed, fussed, mussed, missed and dissed a fellow U. S. Senator, a fellow Democrat, by saying the ReThug opponent was more qualified to be POTUS, and has now threatened to destroy the entire Democratic Party if she can't get the nomination for the White House by blackmailing the DCCC over superdelegates.

I don't know about you, but I don't want this woman's hands on the chicken switch with all these mood swings and looking like someone who desperately needs an "INTERVENTION" (calling Candy Finnegan). And, she's making it bad for women political candidates, because you know, when the dust clears, someone's going to throw it back in our faces how women aren't ready to run anything of great significance, and they will point to every machination, every manipulation, every lie, every Swiftboating smear, every attempt to physically, mentally, emotionally and morally tear down a fellow member of the same political party for personal gain, bootstrapping, fun and profit, done by Missy Hillary. Dismissing voters, threatening donors, and calling supporters "Judas" because they got tired of how fast and how willing you were to sling people under the bus because they no longer benefitted you - we must ask ourselves: DO WE WANT THIS TYPE OF PERSON IN THE WHITE HOUSE?

We've already had that for the last eight years and look where that's gotten us. We can't afford another "gangsta" in the White House. We just can't.

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Blogger Jill Tubman said...

Hi CPL -- would you please drop a line at jjpolitics at gmail dot com ASAP? It's urgent. Thanks.

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Blogger rikyrah said...


we don't want this back in The White House.


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