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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bush is Trying to Advance the Rapture

According to columnist Arianna Huffington, the reason why BushCo is pushing the efforts to gut Social Security, the Environment, and anything else designed to make life easier for the rest of us, is because he and other rightwing nut jobs believe that Jesus is coming to Rapture the Church.

Well, maybe He far as they're concerned.

The Bible is very clear that we may see these signs, but the end is Not Yet (Read Paul's letters to the Churches, as well as the Book of Revelation) until the Gospel has been preached to all corners of the earth (Acts 1:8). I don't think that's happened, yet, but in accordance with Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" Series, the best thing that probably could happen to America is for us to wake up one morning and find that the entire Bush Administration has been "Raptured" and those of us who are truly God-honoring Christians can help repair the damage done by these charlatans until it's really time for Jesus' return.

The Bible also points out that the same way Jesus left, that's the way He's returning, but until He does, we who are Christians, are to live our lives being good stewards over this earth and everything and everyone on it. We are not supposed to say "F--" the future, because if we live long enough, the future "f---s" us if we haven't been living right and preserving the natural resources on earth for the generations to come.

Ah the Republicans...and the many hypocrites, so little time.

You can read Ms. Huffington's column here:


Blogger Anthony Wade said...

I beleive that there are forces that may be warped enough to think that God somehow wants their help in bringing about the second coming of Christ, but Bush is not one of them. His motivation is money, pure and simple. He uses religion as a weapon and a defense, but not as a salvation, which is all it is meant for.

We are not to know the time or the place. To assume God needs our help with anything is the height of arrogance. You cannot claim to be a Christian and hold hatred in your heart, wishing or supporting the death of any others.

Nice blogspot!

4:44 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

That's just it - they are arrogant enough to think God needs their help - so why bother with issues like Social Security, the environment, quality of life, etc., if Jesus is comimg back by 2008?

So, to me, I think these individuals really think they need to facilitate events in attempting to dictate when Jesus returns. But you and I both know what happened to anyone who attempted to make this prediction - on those dates they "prophecied" they, themselves, actually passed away...

I agree that Bush's motivation is greed - however, he's such a simpleton sock-puppet that to actually stretch his mind to comprehend the concept of greed and manipulation would cause him to have a brain anuyerism.

Thanks for visiting the blog.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if you don't believe in God? I mean, what if you believe in Darwin's Theory of Evolution and Science and just don't believe in a supreme being that is controlling the fate's of everybody on the planet? What if you believe that humans are responsible for their own fate and also the survival of the planet? (i.e. Global warming and the environment).

Not everybody believes in God and I think I have just as much a right NOT to believe in him as other do TO believe in him. (Or HER, why the Hell can't HE be a HER? LOL!)

I think that the problem with welfare and social security is over population and the fact that the population is aging. There are just too many people needing help these days with the economy spiraling out of control.

The population of needy and poor people in the US has gotten far too big for the US to be able to support it (unless people are willing to pay higher taxes to support a better social security program) so the quality of living is going to go down for everybody except the very rich (i.e. the middle class is disappearing and there is a wider and wider gap between the rich and the poor).

People are responsible for their own well being and that of the planet's. Until we all realize this and stop trying to escape or find somebody else to take on that responsibility (such as a God) nothing will improve.

4:12 PM  

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