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Friday, January 14, 2005

Turning Up the Heat on the DLC

Robert Borosage's article from the Nation gets it right. Not only is it about turning up the heat on Bush by progressive grass-roots organizing, it is also about turning up the heat on DLC operatives to the point that they are vaporized...because after a track record of eight presidential campaign losses (Bob Shrum) and losses of both Houses in Congress since 1994, is there any doubt that the DLC still enjoys credibility? Only to their own imaginations, cause if they venture outside of the Beltway, they would become convinced of their own uselessness.

OT: I don't see why GeeDubya is worried about people looking at him during his inaugural festivities next week. I find I can't look at him, much less listen to him mangle the english language, so here's one individual who will not have any problem in complying with his wishes.

On the other hand, if I'm a "Ranger" who donated money to get you (Bush) elected and to hold your inaugural balls, I should be entitled to put you under microscopic scrutiny next week, for as long as I want...but, then again, the people who are agreeing to this are not really people, but sheeple...

You can read about the "No-look" policy here: This is your proof that we no longer live in a TRUE DEMOCRACY, and the DLC must be held accountable for every mess they made since the 1994 mid-term getting rid of them.


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