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Friday, January 14, 2005

Where is the Love?

I blog and post on many sites of interest to me. So when a fellow blogger was lamenting about the state of our country, and why the Republican Party (and their first cousins - the DLC) are so unfeeling, arrogant with power and just downright mean - in the name of Jesus. Here's my reply:

Sack, there can be no love shown by those who don't know what love is. George Bush grew up privilaged and knows jack about what it is to grow up poor and suffering. While there are those who grew up privilaged but can have empathy for those who didn't, that's because they were also taught the value of love. If you compare the Bush and Kennedy families, you will find that, above all else, the Kennedys genuinely loved one another, despite disagreements, flaws, cheating, etc. You will find this in any Kennedy biography you read - love was their unifier. William Kennedy Smith is consistently shown love and support, no matter how many times he's up on rape or sexual harassment charges. They won't take that love away, but if he's guilty, 'ol Ted may let him take it on the chin this time.

The Kennedys also taught their children about the importance of not taking their privilaged status for granted, but to use it to advocate for the people who didn't grow up as privilaged. You see it through JFK's daughter, Caroline, as well as Bobby Kennedy's kids, through their professions; RFK, JR runs a non-profit for the environment; Joe Kennedy was a member of Congress as vocal on issues of civil rights as his elders; Ted Kennedy's son, Patrick is a current member of Congress, and Ted's older son, Ted, Jr., is an attorney advocating the rights of the disabled.

On the other hand, you have the Bush family, where every biography written on them underscored the same theme - Poppy was an absentee father and Babs was a cold and unfeeling mother. That resulted in GeeDubya learning about self-preservation at an early age. The Bush children were not taught about the importance of public service; instead they were taught that money talks and BS walks. They were not taught how to have empathy for the have nots; in fact they were taught if the have nots didn't have, it was their own fault. Those seeds of selfishness runs from generation to generation. You also see it in the Bush grandchildren. They are crying out for attention as evidenced by the substance abuse of Nicole Bush (Jeb's daughter) and the skanky Bush twins Jenna and Barbara (God help DC Unified, cause Jenna got a job there teaching, and I'm wondering how many qualified Black applicants they skipped over to give the job to her?).

You can't demonstrate what you haven't been taught to receive and give back; that's why our country has devolved into a nation of self-seeking, self-serving, arrogant SOBs. All we can do is make sure we are showing forth evidence of God's love when we encounter others and hope that our demonstration can go forth to break the cycle.


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