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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


And that's SAYING a lot. I've watched this morning's Press Conference, and through the usual smirking at inappropriate times, I came away with the sense that (a) Bush doesn't believe the words that are coming out of his own mouth, but (b) he expects US to believe them. In other words, we're supposed to lap up his particular brand of BS like puppies lap up Alpo.

What happened to that "Political Capital" he allegedly accumulated after the 2004 election he hijacked? Now it's looking more and more like he's maxed out a credit card that he should have never used, and AMERICAN EXPRESS is on the phone demanding payment in FULL. And Bush doesn't have the money to make the payment. But he's arrogant enough to force another Supreme Court nominee down the throats of the American people, while effectively giving the American people the "finger" by being defiant ("We're not leaving IRAQ!") ("The Economy is booming") or ("$2000 is enough for the hurricane victims to have a fresh start...")

All of the above is the most delusional BS I've ever heard in my life. And I know I have a good BS detector, courtesy of my parents, who trained me and my brothers how to detect BS when it's being served.

Face it, most people have very good BS detectors, and if yours is in good working condition, the President's Press Conference should have had your BS detector on OVERLOAD. When will he realize that the American people are not a bunch of plants that you can continue feeding us in the dark and think that we flourish as healthy plants in the daylight. Of course, you still have the 25% of the country that adores being fed BS, especially if it's the POTUS that's doing the feeding. There's nothing you can say; no argument that you can make, that will convince them that the POTUS has been feeding them BS and making them like it.

I mean, you have to love being fed BS if you like the fact that your environment is no cleaner; your chances for a quality education has flown the coop; that your access to medical care or a job with a quality living wage has gone south with the refusal of Congress to pass legislation to guarantee access to medical care when you need it, or with the passage of CAFTA, your job gets sent to Costa Rica without YOU. Or if your wage hasn't kept up with gas at $5 a gallon in most places, which has you paying grocery money to keep the tank on your SUV at half-full.

So much BS is being fed to Americans, we need code words to identify when BS is on the menu. For example, "Judicial Philosophy" translates into "ruling on controversial issues My way".

Or "strict constructionist" translates into "screw what the Constitution says; do it My way".

"Success in Iraq" really translates into "Stop asking me about Iraq; I don't want to admit that we're screwed."

"Healthy Skies" means "breathing polluted air" and so on.

What a country we live in, especially when the President is so delusional that he continues to feed BS to the American People and believes in his insulated world, that the people are lapping it up like, well, a long, tall glass of, well, Kool-Aid. Well, the President, along with Cheney, Rummy, Condi and crew can continue to feed America BS as long as America accepts it. And considering the wimps that are supposed to be the opposition party on Capitol Hill (read: Democrats) have been so infected with DLC rhetoric, they crumple in the face of real opposition, while telling us, the every man or woman, that they're fighting for us. Excuse me, but if your brand of fighting is crumpling like a wilted Kleenex everytime the GOP says "Boo!", I'm willing to take a pass.

That's what the CBC Monitor does - fight back by demanding accountability from elected officials. Or what MoveOn does - put up candidates who will fight back. Or what Bloggers like Steve Gillard, DailyKos and Atrios does - endorse candidates who will say "enough of the BS!"

Bush can continue to feed America BS if he wants (and he will do so at every opportunity). But just because he can feed it to Americans doesn't mean we have to eat it...

Unless you're that 25% of the country who loves being fed BS on a steady diet. May God taking a liking to you, because you're too far gone to go off your diet.


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