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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


In following up the previous post, I discussed the reaction of Rep. Mel Watt to the CBC Report Card. After some discussion with those who are well-placed around Capitol Hill, I began to play the game known as "Connect-the-Dots".

If you have had a chance to read the CBC Monitor's Legislative Report Card (, then you know that Rep. Watt himself earned a passing grade of "A". A review of his voting record which covered the nine "bright line" legislative votes indicated that he voted consistently in favor of legislation that would have positive results for his district and others. So, I was very curious after he had a very public "meltdown" when questioned about the Report Card and his vigorous defense of two of the seven lawmakers who received "F" in their representation in Congress.

What I learned at CBC Legislative Weekend was that the event itself, as well as the different receptions given by the lawmakers, with some exceptions, were financed or sponsored by Corporations, such as Lockheed-Martin, Wal-Mart and others. Many of these corporations are large donors to these lawmakers as well. So for any of the seven "Derelicts" to take a principled stance in supporting good legislation for their districts, they would endanger their political contributions in 2006. Additionally, because two of the "derelict" lawmakers hold DLC positions that are responsible for funneling money to Congressional campaigns in 2006 (William Jefferson and Albert Wynn) it became apparent that Rep. Watt, while not openly feeding at the corporate trough, may have corporate contributions being funneled to him through Jefferson and Wynn's positions in the DCCC. It may be speculation on my part, but it's a strong suspicion as to why Watt would jump to their defense when he knows that their votes on bad legislation was wrong and he should have utilized his position as CBC Chair to call them on it.

So, although Watt received a high grade for his actual performance as a lawmaker, his undercover connections appear to render that grade as a pseudo-high performance. It is treasonous to allow seven lawmakers to vote against their constituents' best interests because they are addicted to corporate cash, and not be their conscience to call upon them to do what is right. Watt's meltdown on last Friday afternoon indicated that not only is he derelict in his leadership of the CBC by allowing the actions of the failing lawmakers to continue without calling them on it, he is complicit and a co-conspirator against constituencies who can ill afford to have such representation in Congress at such a critical time in America.

For this reason, I had to play "Connect-the-Dots". And I don't like the path upon which I was led as a result. You won't, either.


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