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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


There are many, many failures of the Democratic Leadership Council; yet none more noteworthy than the seven members of the Congressional Black Caucus who were assigned failing grades in their performance as lawmakers, by an African-American watchdog group, known as the Congressional Black Caucus Monitor (CBC Monitor). It was not surprising that all seven members are also card-carrying DLC members; what's important to note is that these members believe that Blacks shouldn't be critical, or critique other Blacks who are in leadership positions, and therefore, they cried "foul" to their Chair, Rep. Mel Watt, who dismissed this group as nothing more than "damned bloggers".

The CBC Monitor is not a group of bloggers; far from it. They are scholars and political activists, from all walks of political affiliation, who grew alarmed at the frequency with which the CBC allowed these seven members, known as "Derelicts of the CBC" to consistently vote against their constituents' best interests, by voting in favor of passing bills such as the Bankruptcy Bill, Estate Tax Repeal, Energy, and CAFTA. This group of lawmakers thought that their being African-American would hide the dereliction of their performance as members of Congress, particularly when all of them represent poor districts which are majority African-American. They thought they could vote for such egregious legislation without fear of reprisal or impunity by their leadership. They were wrong.

Perhaps the CBC Chair didn't want to hold them accountable, but the sense at the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend by attendees was nearly 100% in support of a methodology that would serve the Black Caucus notice that they are being watched and there is expectation of relevant leadership and representation from its members. The reaction of Rep. Watt and these seven "flunking" lawmakers clearly indicate just how out of touch they are with reality and their constituencies. Thanks to the Black Commentator, everyone knows of their dereliction of duty and their failing performance as lawmakers. Read about the CBC Monitor's efforts and download their report card here:

The results of the Report Card were so startling, one lawmaker canceled his legislative forum and all of his events during the entire weekend, while hiding out from constituents wanting answers. You get one guess as to who said lawmaker is. I'll give you a hint: he's aspiring for higher office in 2006 and is a Fox News Media Darling. Though after Fox finds out about his grade by the CBC Monitor, it may be touch and go as to whether or not Fox stands behind their man, or they suddenly consider him radioactive...

I'm proud to say that I helped out with the project of the Report Card, and I got no pleasure in singling out Black lawmakers that are failing their constituencies, and in turn, failing the country in their representation in the U. S. House of Representatives. Like any medicine with a foul taste, you don't like taking it when you're sick, but you take it because once you get past the foul taste, you start to feel better. Hopefully, when the Congressional Black Caucus has a chance to digest the medicine administered by the CBC Monitor, they will realize that we didn't come to harm them, but to help them and in turn, help ourselves and the communities where we live and whom they represent. In other words, they should take their medicince so they can get well.

And those who refuse to take their medicine need to be extracted like you would cancerous tissues affecting the body. Permanently. And it doesn't help that they are DLC members, which exacerbates their diseased condition...


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