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Saturday, October 08, 2005


For the past five years (a lifetime, it seems), President Bush has always done the opposite of what he says he's going to do. Need a few examples or reminders? Consider the Patriot Act (strips away freedoms), the Healthy Skies Act (increased pollution) and No Child Left Behind (leaves all kids in public schools at the starting gate, to the point that he's asking Armstrong Williams to return that money he paid him).

Having said that, it's easy to deduct that Supreme Court Justice Nominee Harriet Miers, is either going to vote the way Bush wants her to, or she's a closeted female version of Justice David Souter. And the way the Neo-Conservatives are reacting to Miers' nomination, could her confirmation be worse than Chief Justice John Roberts'? I suspect, if she's confirmed, that she will do what Bush wants until he's out of office, and then, she'll do her own thing.

God works in mysterious ways. Perhaps, He's answering the prayers of the masses by allowing Miers onto the Bench. On the other hand, if you're Antonin Scalia, you have to be royally pissed that Bush passed you over for promotion to Chief Justice. Especially after the trouble you, the late justice Rehnquist, your boy Clarence, your other boy, Kennedy and the soon retiring Sandra Day O'Connor, went through to crap on the Constitution and install him in office back in 2000. Scalia probably thought that the hubris of the Court in voting to virtually install Bush in the Oval Office would be rewarded with a promotion for him. And to all of you who thought that nod was going to Clarence Thomas, I'm here to tell you that the Court's Lawn Jockey was never a consideration, even though Bush dropped a few hints.

As you can tell, I'm still a little bitter that Congress wasn't allowed to do their jobs as required under the Constitution. You know, that little amendment which states in the event that there's no clear cut winner of the Presidential election, all members of Congress are to reconvene and take a majority vote count. Whoever got the majority of votes, becomes President. Since the Supreme Court did as required, we have a substance-abusing President who believes himself to be beholden to NO ONE.

He uses people at his will - it doesn't matter if they're Republican or not. Once their usefulness to him is gone, so are they. The Religious Right is finding this out; apparently Bush woke up one day and realized he wasn't eligible to run for a third term, so he finally connected the dots and decided to go with his good friend, Miers, as the next SCOTUS nominee. The fact that James Dobson is foaming at the mouth over this nomination is all the more reason to perhaps, entertain supporting her nomination to the Bench.

We may want to go on the offensive here - Miers can't be worse than the six conservative justices on the bench now. If someone as unqualified as Clarence Thomas made it to the bench, we shouldn't quibble about the fact that Miers has never been a judge. It simply means any moron can be confirmed to the highest court in the land on a lifetime appointment. The solemnity and reverence that this selection, as well as the Roberts' selection, should have received, is no longer in existance; your only qualification is legally covering up Bush's excrement, time and time again, over the period of a long working legal career.

For the next 20 years, we can look at the Court and be reminded of Bush's incompetence. For that reason, we may want to consider going on the offensive and doing the opposite on Harriet Miers nomination. It may be entertainment to watch the GOP turn into versions of animals who eat their young.


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