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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I like to give out props to those who read my blog and have enlighted commentary, especially about getting rid of the Democratic Leadership Council. Day by day, I'm encouraged to know that some people aren't buying the DLC's marketing strategies anymore.

The following is from a reader named Matt:

"Part of the problem with Democratic Party, as you seem to acknowledge, is that certain factions like the DLC not only occupy positions of power, but use their positions of power to ensure that newly elected Democrats fit their mold. For example, in 2004 the Dems almost didn't run a candidate against Richard Pombo. Jerry McNerney ran as a write-in candidate on principle, deciding that a Republican creep like Pombo shouldn't get a free pass. And in 2004, the Democratic Party establishment, except for a few notable exceptions like Barbara Lee, didn't give McNerney one red cent or otherwise aid his struggle. However, McNerney showed Richard Pombo was vulnerable. So now Vice Chair of the DLC Ellen Tauscher is running her friend Steve Filson (a former Republican with no political experience, whose only qualification seems to be that his daughter works for Tauscher) against McNerney in the primary. Furthermore, Tauscher has got the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to tacitly support Filson, even though they're supposed to stay neutral until the primary. Part of the reason the DLC is able to do this is that they have created a unified organization that allows Dems of a certain predisposition (i.e. those whose views might be shaped more by campaign cash than by principles) to band together and help one another. Fighting Dems have not yet created the same type of over-arching structure to help each other. It's my hope that progressives in the Bay Area will be able to form a coalition to fight for the soul of the Democratic Party where the fights are occurring, such as CA-11. Those of us who have a Rep like Barbara Lee who speaks for and represents both our interests and our deeper political principals must aid those who yearn for the same. If we don't, no one else will. "

The highlighted paragraph in red says it all. We have to stop looking for the current Democratic Party to act like they're the party that produced JFK, FDR and Truman. The current crop believes that the Buck stops elsewhere, and they vote in accordance with whether or not they feel like being a whore for the Corporate interests. Our leadership cannot be found within that group...but within each and every one of us who believes in values and principles upon which America was founded (as she was intended, anyway).

Keep writing, and send me emails if you don't want to post your comments on the board (I will send an inquiry to see if being forced to create an account in order to post comments can be deleted).


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Blogger Blinders Off said...


I am another concern citizen in America who agree with Why you started this blog and I have been reading your posts on some popular TN blogs.

Are you a grassroot PAC and if so I like what you are representing. I am leaning towards joining my first PAC and I like what you have to say and I am sure there are many more in America that is feeling the same way.

The following is a post a put on Leftwing's blog and his response along with a response back from me.


I read your post on Thaddeus blog and you have a strong alligence to the Democrat Party.

A month ago during the Special Elections I asked you why should I continue to vote for Democrats, you never replied. I read the Republicans philosophy and what legislation they were responsible in passing for African Americans. I have yet found a website refrencing the Democrat philosphy; do you know of one? If you do know of a site or where I can find it please post it for me.

With the state America is in I am wrestling with why I should have alligence to either party. I decided during the Special Election to start voting for the person I believe will represent what concerns me in politics.


I am sincere about the information I asked for in the previous post.

Blinders Off, part of our problem is that we don't have a coherent message and that we spend too much time reacting rather than acting.

We have too many Democrats who are too timid to act.

I am curious as to what types of things the republican party is passing to help African-Americans. could you be more specific?


Thanks for responding. I have been voting Democrat all my life until the D29 Senate race. I was disappointed how nine candidates threw their hat in the ring. With that many Democrats the party did not show unity. During the Primary I voted Democrat, but when Ophelia won it, something smelled fishy.

The Democrat Party should have stood firm in the 2000 Presidential Election. That election changed the way a lot of Americans feel about the political system. Clinton had the following to say before the 2004 Presidential Election, "If Bush is elected again we will not recognize America." America looks unregconizable to me after just one year into Bush's second term. God only knows what is to come. The Democrat Party has lost something since Clinton left office.

Finally, to answer your questions about what Rebuplicans did for African Americans, they haven't done a DAMN thing in my opinion since I have been voting. I was wanting to read the Democrats philosphy because the Republicans have theirs on the following link:

I found it interesting what they had to say and what they did for African Americans and I agree with some of their philosophy.

Don't get me wrong I am not leaning towards being a Republican and I am not please with voting Democrat at the present. To be realistic each party use African Americans for the vote to get in office, but as an African American it is time to stop being used during election time. I am going to continue to vote, but I am voting for the person who I believe will to right for all while in office otherwise I will use my vote to vote against them the next time around.


12:55 AM  
Blogger NoTONoEagles said...

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