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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GOOD LAWD, I HAVE TO HEAR THAT "CACKLE" least another day in this farce of a Democratic Primary campaign. Ugh.

The Borg Queen won't go away. She's like "Bebe's Kids". They don't die; they MULTIPLY.

God help us ALL if that happens.

So, she won the Pennsylvania primary, and I understand she got more than 50% of the vote from uneducated white people. It's not like she wasn't expected to win; in fact, it is one of the few primaries (maybe the only one) that Obama even expected he'd lose, but folks, he didn't lose by much; he still leads in delegates and the primary vote, and he might take Oregon and North Carolina, despite Rush Limbaugh's machinations.

The fact that the Borg Queen won with over half the electorate being uneducated white voters says a lot...not about her as a candidate, but about Pennsylvania as a state. It is uneducated voters like those in Pennsylvania, that sent George Bush back to office a second time, so he could continue to FUBAR the government and leave the mess for the next President.

They wanted a guy they could raise Coronas with - not someone with the intelligence to actually lead and entertain diversity of ideas and opinions.

I hope they like living below the poverty line and seeing their jobs leaving the country like Jefferson Airplane does. I never understood why poor whites would rather vote against their own interests in the name of keeping Black people out of leadership positions. I never understood why poor whites would continue to remain poor whites, when they have opportunities to improve their lots in life. They certainly have more opportunities than people of ethnicity, but in the idea of thinking themselves "superior" to ethnic people, they vote consistently to screw themselves over, content in the knowledge of holding down ethnic people, while feeling "superior" as the bank forecloses on their homes, their refrigerators go empty, their children go hungry and without healthcare to see a doctor when they need to.

The Borg Queen should be thanked for going "Tonya Harding" on poor whites, because if they would rather be screwed over than putting an effective leader in the White House, they get what they paid for, and I don't want to hear no pissing and moaning when they wake up and find out they're still being screwed.

As for African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and educated, progressive Whites, I suggest we take our votes and go to another party, since the Democrats continue to diss US by allowing the Borg Queen to remain in the Democratic Party and destroy it to hell, because they're too cowardly to come out and say they don't want a brotha getting the nomination; yet, they would rather allow the Borg Queen to fling poo like monkeys do at the National Zoo. This party won't be worth staying in; especially if they find a way to cut a deal and make her the nominee, over the objection of those who have worked their asses off to get Obama elected.

A word for Obamaites - he is not the SAVIOR and stop treating him as such. Allow people who are truly skeptical of his position and platform to give voice to those skepticisms without going "Tavis Smiley" on them. And yeah, I certainly understand the hateration on Tavis - look, if my colleagues at Black Agenda Report are defending Tavis, that shows how much Obama-aid his supporters are drinking these days, and how far off the logic organization you have gone.

Yes, I've done my share of calling CBC members "Handkerchief Heads" "Mammy" and "Uncle Ruckus" because Bill and Hillary Clinton are throwing the race cards in their faces, and their hateration of Obama is such that they would rather throw in their lot with entities known for slinging misbehaving Blacks under the bus when they get in their way. Not because I'm an Obama fan - slinging Jeremiah Wright under the bus to shut up nuts like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, is still frosting my cookies to the point I might leave the POTUS slot blank in the General election, and especially if the Borg Queen steals the nomination.

And, after all that, we get a "I got my office in Harlem, how can I be a bigot" comment from Bubba; like we're supposed to shut up about how he's played the race card; hell, he made the campaign about race, ever since South Carolina, and Gentleman Jim Clyburn was doing his best to tell him to shut the hell up about race.

Now, this campaign is ALL ABOUT RACE. Thank you Bill and Hillary. Don't think having Bob Johnson tote your water gets you entre back into the Black Community - most of us are thinking about how to go into Northeast DC and burn down the BET station without getting caught and doing the Black Community some effective community service by pulling that nonsense of a television station off the air.

In the meantime, Good Lawd, can I be spared listening to that "CACKLE" for a while? How can that be shut the hell up?

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Blogger I am not Star Jones said...

I've resigned myself to four things after Tuesday night:

the cackle will haunt me in my sleep.

will never understand uneducated white people and their voting patterns

finally understand why right wing rethugicans have always hated the clintons because the Clintons pretended to be better than them and more evolved and liberal when they actually they weren't/aren't. Slimy underhanded prevaricating race baiting three toed sloths they be.

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing President McCain!

9:58 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Not Star Jones, thou speaketh the truth...sigh

6:40 PM  
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