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Monday, April 28, 2008


It does not matter if she weakens Obama to the point he can't win the General Election.

It will not matter if she gets the nomination and destroys what's left of the Democratic Party.

It does not matter that the ReThugs are salivating at the thought of another one of their own getting the White House while the Democrats eat their own.

It does not matter that the more Dr. Jeremiah Wright defends himself, the farther Fake News and Crew will sling him under the bus as they tie him to Obama.

It does not matter that Hillary succeeded in racial polarization to get what she wants, by any means necessary; no matter what the cost; no matter the damned sense of entitlement.

I will still hold her responsible for the destruction of the Democratic Party, the alienation of the usually loyal African-American base, and most of all, I will hold her personally responsible if the ReThugs get the White House for another four years when she had the opportunity to be a real human being and think about what was best for this country. Her leadership (or lack thereof) is not what's best for America, no matter how you slice it. Just like Tonya Harding was not considered good for the sport of Professional Figure Skating - her attack on Nancy Kerrigan forced the Skating Authority to give her a lifetime ban from the sport of competitive figure skating.

Just like Hillary's destruction of a fellow Democrat should force her being banned from the party for not being a Democrat, but acting and reverting to the closet ReThug I've always suspected her of being.

Make no mistake - Obama could have helped his own cause and in some instances, he decided to keep shooting himself in the foot and reload to keep shooting. I mean, if there is no earthly reason for him to lift his "ban" on Fake News, why would he cave in at this point? So he can collect more war wounds? So he can convince whites who weren't going to vote for him anyway, to change their minds?

Arrrgh - I can't take it anymore. Someone give up, please. But it won't be Hillary; Hillpatine, the Borg Queen, and any other name you would call a destructive individual like her.

But in the end, whatever goes down in Denver this summer and in the General in the Fall, I'm blaming Hillary Rodham Clinton for her scorched earth tactics and a selfishness that will single handedly destroy what's left of the United States of America.

If Obama wins or loses in the Fall, put the blame on his wounds where they need to be; some on him - most on Hillary. Obama will have more than enough blame to collect on what he should and should not have done. But, would he really have gone as far as Hillary has? Despite my take on his platform, I think the answer would be "NO". The brotha would consider what's best for the Party.

Unlike Hillpatine.

We can't blame the ReThugs if we are calling John McCain "Mr. President" next January. But we can blame Hillary for it, should it come to pass.

I will still blame Hillary for the whole shebangabang and I won't lose any sleep over it, either. Book it.

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Blogger Jazzy said...

You know I had said that I would vote for Billiary if the were to get the nod, but now I think I'm with you I just can't do it and call myself a black American. Really good post, I am going to link it if you don't mind.

4:56 AM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

No, I don't mind...thanks for the link.

10:27 AM  
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