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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


...your candidacy facilitates you doing a whole lot of things you probably wouldn't otherwise do in order to win, by any means necessary.

That would also include slinging your Pastor under the bus.

Senator Barack Obama had to know his Christian faith, as well as the leadership he sat under while learning that Christian faith, was going to be the center of controversy at some point. I fault him for hoping the issue would go away before he was backed into a corner and forced to give a graceful speech on race before being backed again into a corner and forced to sling the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright under the bus.

The minute Sean Hannity decided to whine like a lil' byotch, Obama should have put him and his ilk on full blast and invited them to drink their cans of STHU.

Instead, he played nice. Again. And look where it got him.

I caught the good Dr.'s press conference, and I couldn't tell you if some of the things he said, he should have kept silent about, because the man was basically dropping knowledge on America and as usual, if you're not giving America her props, she tends to whine about it when the truth is less than praiseworthy.

Jeremiah Wright has seen and done things that Barack Obama will never even aspire to, and that has shaped, even developed, his Christian faith and philosophy. You are not going to tell me that Obama was absent from Trinity when some of these sermons were being preached by Dr. Wright; if he says so, he's lying. Even if Obama actually wins the Presidency - the bigger thing is, Jeremiah Wright decided long ago that his SOUL was NOT FOR SALE, while Barack Obama decided his soul could go to the highest bidder if it gets him the White House.

Does he not know that once he swears that oath of office, he will be far from being his own man, and will have to reward the labors of them that got him there - Corporate America, and not the grass-roots, as he has many of you believing? Because that is going to be the case. He will need a second term to become his own man - and he might be a one-term President because y'all know his margin for error is going to be more narrow than even Jimmy Carter's was.

He may get the White House. He may actually be the first African-American President in history.

But, what is the profit of history if you gain it, only to lose your SOUL?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think Barack sold his soul because he finally disowned a man after he completely underminded his campaign by purposely injecting himself onto the national stage and suggested he's a LIAR?!?!?!


5:06 PM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Dear Anonymous:

Since you want me to "give you a break" it would have been helpful if you hid behind a screen name.

All I will say about Obama is that up until now, everything that came out of Jeremiah Wright's mouth, he had no problem with it. So Pastor Wright is supposed to "dumb down" because Barack is running for President?

Now who should be giving who a break?

Should Obama get the White House and fully turns his back on Black America and slings them under the bus, I don't want to hear you singing the "Barack done me Wrong" theme song, okay?

7:09 PM  
Blogger Jazzy said...

I don’t believe Obama slung his pastor under the bus nor turned his back on black America. I am a black American and I felt he was justified in his reactions from the beginning. Obama did his very best IMO to salvage the relationship between him and a person that he viewed as a father figure.

I think people wanted him to back his pastor and stand strong, but if the man didn’t agree with what he said why should he. To do only what people are accusing him of doing now pandering to a certain ethnic make up. Hell I don’t agree with my pastor either and when he’s wrong I don’t have a problem voicing that opinion. Obama did the right thing. I am sorry that this has caused and untold amount of hurt and pain between him and Dr. Rev. Wright maybe things can be repaired maybe not. However, in no way should Obama be vilified for his decision to disassociate himself.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Big Man said...

You know where I stand CPL.

But, I'm inviting you to join the movement to stop using the phrase "thrown under bus." I heard about it on a couple other sites, and it sounds like a good move.

9:19 AM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Okay, Big Man, I'll bite. But what else would you call it, cause I'll happily join that movement if there's another phrase I can use to indicate my...disgust.

10:26 AM  
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